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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Useless Knowledge

More than 80% of the rum consumed in the U.S. comes from Puerto Rico.

Vodka accounts for more than one out of every four bottles of distilled spirits consumed in the U.S.

Tequila is not made from cactus, but from agave; the best tequilas are 100% blue agave.

Gin or Jenievre

Gin is a distilled spirit deriving its primary flavor from juniper berries. Every gin producer has its own proprietary recipe of additional botanicals and other flavoring agents, which gives each gin brand its own distinctive flavor profile.


Scotch whisky is a distinctive product of Scotland, manufactured in Scotland in compliance with the laws of Great Britain regulating the manufacturing of Scotch whisky for consumption in Great Britain and containing no distilled spirits less than three years old.

Very Special

Brandy is usually distilled from wine. In the brandy lexicon, the letter O means Old; S means Superior; V means Very; P means Pale; and X means Extra (VSOP= Very Special
Old Pale).


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