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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Zaphriel - The Regret - Part 1

I watch as they gather.


Always in a different place.

I get the feeling they are trying not to attract too much attention.

I find them gathering, always at the same time every night. There’s only there of them today, but it is hard to figure out what they are up to. I have my suspicions, but all I can feel are their flashes of rage, their broken memories, and their fragmented thoughts.


I have been watching them for a while now, maybe a few months. It’s hard to tell, I never have been very good with time.

At first I barely noticed them. I was on my normal watch, overlooking this vast city they call the city of angels, when I first felt them. It was a normal night in this conversely named city, the usual passion, anger, frustration and despair were coursing through her like the life blood of a chaos demon. Then I felt it, a flash of rage and hatred. Oh I know there is plenty of that here in this dingy mass of humanity, but this…this was different. It was strangely familiar and eerily disturbing. The hatred had a deep seeded taste to it and the rage was manic. New and intense, but with little reasoning behind it, only an unnatural calling. I hadn’t felt this type of feeling since Dublin, over fifty years ago. This was the first time I had felt this here, so I sought out the source, and I eventually found these three.

They were unassuming, non-descript, they blended well into the crowd. Were I a mere mortal, I very well may have missed them. I may not have given them a second glance. If it weren’t for their rage I may not have noticed. I might have failed again.

How did I not see it coming? How did I not feel it? How long has it been now? A few years? When those buildings fell to the flames...Surely the work of Hela herself, or her twins, chaos demons are like that... The shockwave, however, was enormous, emotionally and physically, It escaped no one’s notice. I should have seen it coming even from here. It is one of my many regrets. Not noticing something that big is pretty unnerving for a watcher. Shameful... I can never let it happen again.


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