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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Zaphriel - The Regret - Part 2

read part 1 here.

They were together now, talking in hushed tones. I don't want to get too close, I might miss something, but all I am getting from here are flashes and whispers like pollen carried on the wind, wisping every now and again in my direction. They are very excited, near bursting trying to contain it. All I can feel are flashes. Very confusing, humans sometimes are hard to understand.

Are we ready? ... When is the feast? ... Be patient. ... Father will be pleased. ... Glory will be ours ...

Those were their words but their thoughts were completely different. A mix of grand illusions, fire, despair, regret, fear. I could see pictures not of the loved ones they spoke of but of Leader figures. Men with guns. And ...

What I've been looking for, I caught a flash of a devise, a picture of one of them pressing a button – Fuzzy, like what you call a dream – not nearly as vivid, but an item of great importance. I have to concentrate now… it was the young one, the one they call Boukra but who calls himself Damis, or, as he likes to be called here, Damian. They have all taken different names here.

I must follow him. - He is now my target. Damian, I believe, is the key.

What is that? - A familiar sense. - Who else is watching? - Wann! I can feel him. That ugly shadow demon, why is he here? Who sent him, he's not smart enough to work alone. Thank the maker for making me insensible to those of the dark realm. He'll never know I am here. I will find out why he was here later, for now I must follow Damian.


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